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Will there be any visitors/international students/room and board to your home during your students stay? If so, please list:

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Please provide some photos of the host family and exterior of the home. We encourage you to get creative with your photo collage, but please keep in mind the collage requires the following:

• A minimum of 4 photos
• Photos must be of good quality and a decent size - they should be clear, crisp and visible; not blurry or distorted. • A description for each photo (tell us names of who/what is in the photo, what you are doing, where you are - anything you think is important!)
• Photos must be contained in a document (multiple pages is ok!) so it is easy for us to send the collage along to your potential host family. We’ve found that an easy way to put the collage together is to use Microsoft Word or a similar program to paste photos and descriptions in.

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