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Trends and Facts About Cleaning Franchises

1. The global cleaning services market is expected to grow to $74.299 million annually by 2022, according to projections released by Allied Market Research.

2. The cleaning industry is a great opportunity for franchise development because the market is very fragmented. According to research compiled by franchise brand Jan-Pro, franchise cleaning companies account for 10% of the total market while conventional and private companies account for 90%. No one company owns more than 6% of any given market.

3. According to Allied Market Research, maid services account for the largest market share of overall residential cleaning services, while the carpet and upholstery segment is expected to exhibit the highest growth rate among the different residential cleaning services.

4. North America represents the largest cleaning services market and has a quick anticipated growth pace. Growth in the cleaning franchise industry has been fueled by increases in dual-income households and by an aging population, which requires the use of more household services. Cleaning services have also grown popular because of the flexible scheduling and pricing plans offered to customers.

5. Green cleaning products and methods continue to gain momentum in the industry. Over the past several years, many franchise concepts have been successfully developed with a focus on green cleaning. Older franchise brands have also introduced environmentally-friendly products and services to comply with not only rules and regulations, but also consumers’ wishes.

6. There are several different ways to get involved in the cleaning franchise industry. Specialized areas in the industry include maid services, janitorial services, carpet/upholstery cleaning, dry cleaning/fabric care, disaster restoration/cleanup, and junk removal. A franchise business may specialize in one or more of these areas.

7. A cleaning franchise offers several advantages over independent operation because of brand recognition; proven systems and success record; and marketing support. Some cleaning franchises provide central call center operations, which can bring in many leads for individual franchise operators.