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I need assistance to guide me with my application to
study abroad. Here is the list of my Step by step
procedure to apply as international student.

STEP 1 : Get started
Complete our international student sign up form. Read and understand our company terms and conditions in using our platform to help you with your journey abroad.

STEP 2 : Prequalification
Our Team of expert will check if you are qualified to apply under international student category.
If you pass the process will start right away, you will receive an email giving you a detailed instructions and 1 st stage requirements including your personalized username and password, that you will be using for better communication with our team to guide you in
every step of your way.

STEP 3 : Find the Right Program and School Based on your education, job experience, present job, and interest we will match the best
programs and schools that meet your unique situation.

STEP 4 : Approved the Program of your choice and Submit Your Application

Received a letter of acceptance within 7 business days. Now that you finally approved your program and school, you may now pay the application fee directly to the school using our instruction guide. If you have any question you may log in on your portal anytime and leave a direct message to our international student department to receive a reply immediately.

STEP 5 : Completing the final requirement and application

Submit the stage 2 requirements and application form let our international student department review all the required documents with your application and ensure that you’re not missing any information.

STEP 6 : Start the Visa Process

IDCI team of experts will check and guide you if all the requirements are completed including the supporting document, statement of purpose, letter of support, and study plan are well prepared based on your unique situation. Our unlimited support during the visa application process and beyond, to give you the best chance of success.

STEP 7 : Book Your Plane Ticket and Go!
Once you’ve got the visa, book your plane ticket and begin your educational journey abroad! Don’t worry about the accommodation we are here to help you with all the pre-arrangement of your accommodations and pick up upon your arrival.
See you at the airport!