Available Locations

All Across Canada

Business Type:

Online Business Franchise

Minimum Cash Required

$ 53

Cash Required on Product Launching

$ 265 January 2020

Training Provided



Owning one of North America's Top Online

Auto Dealership Company.
Drivenci Auto Dealership is the perfect business franchise opportunity to drive future business owners to the tremendous growth of success.

We pride ourselves on a reputation for customer service and quality workmanship. Now it's your turn to discover what hundreds already know: a franchise system that affords freedom, stability, and security for you and your family!



When you join the Drivenci Auto Dealership franchise system, you automatically inherit a business system with over 45 years of experience under its belt. We offer knowledge and experience on business plans, daily management techniques, and best repair practices - everything you need to become a successful Drivincia Auto Dealership owner.

Trends and Facts About Automotive Franchises

1. The largest manufacturing industry in Canada is the automotive industry, which accounts for $17 billion of the country's GDP, and $66 billion in exports. Canada is currently the 9th biggest manufacturer of road vehicles and accounts for 16.2% of North America’s vehicle production.

2. Automotive franchises cover a range of car-related services beyond the production of vehicles, including car product retail, repair services, valeting services, car washes, and car sale and rental businesses. Most franchises within the automotive industry are part of the automotive aftermarket industry, referring to products and services purchased after the sale of an automobile that helps prolong the life of a vehicle.

3. Canadians are more environmentally friendly than their U.S. neighbors and buy smaller, more fuel-efficient cars and trucks. There are more opportunities for green automotive businesses as consumer desires shift to become more environmentally conscious. In the coming years, business owners can expect this trend to have a major impact on how Canadian consumers view and interact with their automotive business.

4. The majority of automotive repairs are done by independent auto repair shops, many of which are franchise businesses. Consumers trust professionals to handle their vehicle maintenance more than ever before. Major services within the industry include mechanical repair, collision repair, car washes, and oil change and lube. As drivers keep their cars for longer, regular repairs become a necessity to keep the vehicles working properly – a big plus for automotive franchises.

5. The global automotive aftermarket industry is expected to reach $722.8 billion by 2020. Canada accounts for $17.1 billion of the global revenue for the industry.