The United States universities are pioneers of top quality education and are in the forefront of cutting edge technology. Approximately 3600 institutions in the US provide the world's best education with an excellent and large variety of programs in both traditional courses as well as professional courses. The US degree is well sought after and is recognized worldwide. US education provides you with the needed understanding, the right attitude and skills to be effective professionals and leaders in the international, interdependent and diverse society and economy. Your education stay in the US, apart from giving academic excellence, also enhances your independent thinking, cross cultural communication skills and self-confidence.. The academic system provides flexibility to the students by offering not only a variety of programs but also giving an opportunity to design their own majors and programs of study.  


When you travel to the United States, the third largest country in the world, you should be prepared for anything and everything. The country offers so much to be discovered, from the East to the West Coast and everything in between. The USA is not only extremely multicultural, it is also known for its contradictions and diversity. To sum the place up in a few short sentences in virtually impossible. America has it all and the American life style is so diverse that there is bound to be something here for everyone. Studying in the USA may be challenging, but it will definitely broaden your horizon.

The USA is well-known for its prestige and excellent achievement in all areas of scholarly research. More Nobel Prize winners hail from the United States than any other country.

The close relationship between economics and research stimulates and shapes an innovative teaching concept and dynamic learning environment which should not be missed. The US American higher education system is extremely diverse and not regulated by the state. Higher education institutions act autonomously and compete against each other.

Out of approximately 4,200 higher education institutions, 2,500 universities and colleges are privately owned. The quality of the higher education institutions can vary widely in both the quality facilities and teaching.

Community College offers a two year degree which will not be recognized in Europe. However, transfer credits for courses will be accepted by an undergraduate program at a high quality 4-year university if you have the sufficient requirements. A Community College is a low-cost and popular alternative for freshmen who are seeking to choose a less expensive option where they can gain their general education credit requirements. More than half of all American freshmen start their higher education at a community college.

Colleges offer work-related undergraduate degrees. Generally, the first two years include what is called general education and at some universities it is often possible to start in the second year with a graduation diploma. Colleges are sometimes independent and sometimes part of a larger university. Universities are the only institutions which offer undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD degrees.


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